Once every thousand years when the planets align, and Zeus wishes upon a shooting star, two children are born to alter existence as we know it. Long prophesied by the One-Eyed Witch and the Three-Legged Wizard in the Quagmire of Dreams, two children finally appeared. They were destined to be brothers…Call it fate, or the fact that they have the same parents, the day they manifested into physical form, the quest began. Speech was not yet an option, so they relied on simple hand gestures to communicate their ideas of great sauces to save the world. These chosen ones were unlike common mortals; Vinegar, Peppers, Salt, Sass, Power, and Gumption flow through their veins. Gifted by the gods and blessed by sages, they are destined to change the sauce world forever.


Just two Maryland dudes making hand crafted hot sauce and other potent potions using locally sourced all natural ingredients.

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